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The black soldier fly offers the opportunity to produce large quantities of high-quality animal protein for animal feeding purposes with a low environmental footprint.

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PANNON Pro Innovation Ltd. provides innovation management services through a unique and extensive network of experts on topics mainly related to climate change, energy, industrial symbiosis and the biomass-based economy.

The Pannon Protein project’s mission is to make sustainability more and more important in the food industry. We offer an alternative to feeding pets and farm animals that meets the highest quality standards at the same time and contributes to the preservation of the integrity of our healthy environment. Our insect-based products are made with precision, circular economy, chemical and drug-free technology.

Product benefits

Many of the characteristics of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) can be exploited in industrial production, making competitive, locally produced, sustainable alternative to the protein carriers currently used.

Vitality: the species is extremely resistant to pathogens, so it can be reared without the use of drugs.

Fast life cycle: the black soldier fly reaches its technological end weight in up to 12-15 days.

Low feed demand: the black soldier fly can be reared on low-value by-products that are worthless to other farm animals, thus returning to the feed cycle substances that are currently ended in the bin many times. Its feed conversion ratio is outstanding, so it produces large live weights from a small amount of feedstuffs.  

High protein content: the black soldier fly meal contain more than 60% protein.

Excellent fatty acid content: black soldier fly meal has a health-protecting effect due to its high lauric acid content.

Space saving: the black soldier fly tolerates crowding extremely well. It can be raised vertically on several levels, so one square meter is used many times.

Locally produced: black soldier fly rearing can be easily installed at the source of the by-product, thus reducing transport demand and protein dependence. 

GMO free: every product is GMO free.

Hypoallergenic: black soldier fly meal is suitable for ensuring adequate protein supply for our sensitive pets.

Green: due to the listed properties, the ecological footprint of the production is low. It’s a sustainable protein source compared to the imported soybeans, which are largely responsible for rainforest deforestation, and fishmeal, which contributes significantly to overfishing the oceans.


Live larvae

A food animal with a high calcium and protein content, perfect for feeding reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and rodents. The European Union also authorises live larvae for feeding poultry and pigs.

Frozen larvae

An easy-to-add form and durable product with the same content as live larvae.

Dried whole larvae

A durable and full value form of the larvae.

Insect meal

Fat-reduced, high-protein black soldier fly larvae meal, which, thanks to its excellent amino acid set, can be used effectively to replace widely used protein carriers such as soy or fishmeal. Currently, the European Union authorises using it for pets, fur animals and aquaculture.

Larvae oil

Black soldier fly larvae oil is a widely usable feed ingredient. Due to its high lauric acid content, it has a health-protecting effect. It can replace the highly sought  fish oil. It is currently unrestricted in animal feed in the European Union.

Black soldier fly egg

Black soldier fly breed with eggs, which are laid by the females. About 40,000 eggs are found in 1 gram of product, of which 10 litres of larvae can be reared in 12-15 days with feed and under appropriate environmental conditions.

Insect frass

The residued litter is a mixture of insect frass, feed residues and shedded cuticula, which are extremely rich in nutrients and are concentrated soil improvers. Its nutrient content is more concentrated than the manure of our traditional economic animals. It reduces fungal and is insect repellent due to its chitin content.

Events, press appearances


CHAMPP: Contemporary challenges and issues of the poultry production sector“, October 2019 Presentation: Bence Antonovits – Insect protein as a new protein resource in poultry feeding

CEEweb for Bioversity Second National EUKI Workshop: “Agriculture and climate change” January 2020 Presentation: Bence Antonovits – Insect-based protein / A sustainable alternative in livestock feed

Press appearances

Top Agrár: Bence Antonovits – Insect breeding, the new High-Tech sector: Hungary is also on the map

Pesti Hírlap: Rebró Fanni – Hungary enters the insect business – expert: Bence Antonovits

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